About Nalla Unavu (Good Food)

Nalla Unavu is an inspired initiative from experiences of NallaKeerai to spread 'Safe food' and awareness on Food, Farming & Nature founded on March 2014 by a group of founding team from Nalla Keerai to work on broader areas of food besides greens.

Few activities from Nalla Keerai have been clubbed under Nalla Unavu.

NU activities include

1)Organic Farmers Network 
NU is building up district level teams of organic farmers across Tamilnadu to build farmers/ product database in turn bridging the farmers with organic shops and consumers directly aiding in marketing and technology.Creating a network for organic farmers across the state.
NU has established teams in 7 districts in 2014-2015 bridging the farmers,marketers and consumers.

2)Organic Farming Training
NU regularly conducts 3 days basic training programs on Organic farming across Tamil nadu partnering with established local farms besides at Nalla Keerai farm for those converting to organic farming system to new generation farmers. 

3)Organic Product Promotion & Distribution
NU also involves in directly marketing farmers excess produces beyond market demand when the prices drop through its customer network based in Chennai and retail shops.We have marketed Onion,Potato,Traditional varieties of Banana,Rice and Green gram.

3)Millet Sunday (Millet Promotion & Distribution)
Millet Sunday is a monthly one time sales of online pre-ordered whole millets and value added millet products across 70 locations in Chennai through 76 volunteers on any sunday in just 2 hours.Millet Sunday has 2300+existing customers across Chennai and has registered a sale of 5.8 tonnes of millets last year.

4)Millet Cooking Workshops
NU regularly conducts cooking workshops across Chennai introducing traditional millet recipes and its versatile usage.230 participants benefited last year. Soon will be expanding to other cities across the state.

5)Home Garden Workshops
NU regularly conducts gardening workshops across Chennai with a batch size of 20 participants hands on programs on the basics and troubleshooting sensitizing the urban customers on the need for growing own food utilizing the waste.

6)Agri Tour (Inspiring /developing Young Agri Entrepreneurs)
In an effect to inspire more youngsters to take up agri profession, NU arranges farm tour of selected farms across Tamilnadu introducing the young minds on agri opportunity and value added products.

7)Workshops/Seminars on Safe food/Nutrition/Adulteration
NU team travels across Tamilnadu conducting seminars on safe foods,nutrition,food adulteration and food science for the general public,schools,colleges and corporate houses .Over 200 sessions have been done. Food fests are conducted regularly for the consumer awareness.

                                   About Thaivazhi Iyarkai Unavakam

Thaivazhi Iyarkai Unavakam (Translating directly means Motherway Nature Food Stall) is a nature health food road side stalls selling 
  • Cooked Millet foods,
  • Herbal juices,
  • Soups,
  • Whole grain sprout milks and 
  • Snacks  

operating in two locations at Chennai (Merina Beach-Morning stall and Saidapet-Evening stall) established in 2013 by Mr.Mahalingam and Mr.Ravi jointly is part of Nalla Unavu.
We have served 47 private party/wedding orders in the last 19 months since the launch and has over 450+ regular customers at our two locations. 

We have served officially
TN Govt State Planning Commission,
13th All India Organic Farming Convention-Chandigarh
4th International Tamil Vegan Council Convention
Madras High Court
Loyola College and many others.

Widely covered by local print and broadcasting media.


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